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The Value of Socializing Post-COVID

Social interactions can substantially benefit your mental and physical health. Now that the world is slowly moving out of lockdown, we’re able to create more in-person opportunities. Socializing post-COVID, like traveling with friends, family, and spouses is a great way to create new memories together and renew connections.

Additionally, traveling closer to nature can do wonders for your health and well-being. That’s why the north Georgia mountains have remained a top-choice for outdoor and nature lovers, allowing visitors to take in the fresh air and amazing scenery.

Bringing you and your friends together

friends socializing post-COVID

At Ellijay River House Bed and Breakfast, you can feel safe and comfortable at our small inn with separate areas to eat and relax - while still allowing you to socialize with your loved ones. Want an intro to the kind of vacation you’ll have with us? Read one of our previous guests’ testimony below:

“It is rare to travel away from home and feel as comfortable. This past weekend, however, was the exception to the rule. The Ellijay River House Bed and Breakfast is one of the most charming of getaways. From the moment we stepped onto the beautiful wrap-around porch, we felt at home.

The attention to every detail in the home and gardens was amazing. A truly picturesque property overlooking the river. The bedrooms were very private with beautiful decors, and all had modern amenities, including some of the most comfortable linens available.

Fresh cookies and lemon cake awaited us each night, along with soft music playing in the home. Breakfast was amazing, and the whole experience made it very difficult to


If you are looking for a mountain getaway with all the comforts of home (and then some), you must plan to stay a few nights here. The walk to the downtown is so close, you can get to shopping and dining in just a few minutes.

Karen and Keith did an amazing job turning this beautiful property into a luxury retreat. We will go back!

Charles and Pamela Thompson

Canton, GA”

Are you ready for some post-COVID Socializing?

If you're looking for the best bed and breakfast near Blue Ridge, GA, book with us today! The Ellijay River House Bed and Breakfast is a charming 1915 Craftsman home in the north Georgia mountains with beautiful riverside views. Book today by calling (770) 883-3797, and we'll be ready to prepare the best accommodations for you!


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