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The Best Things to Do in the Northwest Georgia Mountains

The North Georgia Mountains, especially Northwest Georgia, is a tourist’s dream. There are so many different things to do and see. Indeed, no matter what your interests are, there will be something for everybody to enjoy during your getaway.

While the near-infinite number of options is undoubtedly a good thing, it can make planning the trip a little difficult, as the average visitor won’t have an idea where to begin. To help you simplify things, we’ve put together a brief list of the best things to do in the northwest Georgia mountains during your trip:

Take a Ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

If you want to experience what the Georgia Mountains have to offer in a unique way, we recommend taking a ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. The ride will take you along the Toccoa River to the neighboring towns of McCaysville, Georgia, and Copper Hill, Tennessee, before taking you all the way back to Blue Ridge.

For those of you who get a little antsy when they sit still for long periods of time, you’ll be glad to know that the trip includes a two-hour layover in McCaysville. During the layover you can check out the shops and scenery, or enjoy a meal at one of the local restaurants.

Hike the Appalachian Trail

If you love going on hikes, then you should definitely check out the Appalachian Trail. The trail begins at the Springer Mountain trail and will have you hike your way up to the summit, where you’ll be rewarded with the stunning view of the valley below.

You can opt to hike alone but if you want something more structured, you can opt to sign up with the Blue Ridge Mountain Outfitters. The guided hike will include a trip to the Amicalola Falls and a picnic by the streams at the Three Forks Valley.

Pick Blueberries at Mercier Orchards

For something that’s a little more laidback, you can drop by the Mercier Orchards for blueberry picking. Mercier Orchards is one of the best places within the state to get fresh fruit, such as blueberries, apples, strawberries, and cherries.

While you’re there, we also recommend that you check out their cidery to get a sneak peek at how fresh cider is made. If you want, you can even drop by their store and purchase fresh fruit or cider that you can snack on or bring home for your family and friends.

Visit the Alpacas at the Lasso Moon Alpaca Farm

If you’re an animal lover, then you should definitely visit the Lasso Moon Alpaca Farm. The farm has a number of different activities for tourists that allow them to be hands-on with the alpacas. Aside from the petting zoo, the farm also has a felting class that teaches visitors how to gather wool from the alpacas.

Northwest Georgia Mountains Have Many Things to do. Come Visit!

As you can see, there are many different things to do in the Northwest G

Northwest Georgia Mountains Bed and Breakfast
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eorgia Mountains. No matter what your interests are, there’s a good mix of sights to check out and activities to do during your Georgia mountains getaway. Just remember that this list isn’t meant to limit the activities that you can partake in, as there are quite a number of other things that you can still enjoy. With that being said, we hope this list helps you plan your next trip to the Northwest Georgia Mountains!

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