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Best Coffee Shops to Visit in Ellijay

Ellijay is that charming community everyone comes to visit for the annual Apple Festival in October and other adventures or celebrations. There is a relaxing, small-town vibe to enjoy throughout the year, especially if you’re into hiking, mountain biking, and river tubing.

A community known for quaint shops and antique stores will most certainly have access to some incredible coffee. Here are the best coffee shops in the Ellijay area to visit once you’ve booked a stay at the Ellijay River House.

1. Ellijay Coffeehouse

Ellijay Coffeehouse
Ellijay Coffehouse

The seasonal options bring people into this coffee shop’s doors each day. If you haven’t tried the apple pie latte, you’re missing out on an incredible treat! The atmosphere is wonderfully relaxed, with something for everyone to do or enjoy while sipping their coffee.

It’s a local gem with scones, cookies, and a super friendly staff. After enjoying the delightful treats and warm hospitality, taking a leisurely stroll through downtown is the perfect way to soak in the charming ambiance of the area.

Das Kaffee hause Ellijay
Das Kaffee Haus

2. Das Kaffee Haus

Now located on the square in downtown Ellijay, you’ll find plenty of roasted beans and healthy treats to enjoy. From gluten-free and vegan to some delicious Danishes, there are always some fun merchandise options out to investigate. Many treats are available daily, including the pumpkin spice macarons, a popular choice during the fall season.

You can order your favorite creation during your visit. The Black Forest Latte is excellent, or you can try something more traditional, like brown sugar and cinnamon.

Mountain Mama's Lounge
Photo Credit: Mountain Mama's Lounge

3. Mountain Mama's Lounge

A quick trip to Blue Ridge lets you explore craft coffee, tea, and creative combinations. It’s an intimate space where you can meet, have fun, or sip your favorite beverage in peace. They use homemade simple syrups and whole ingredients to ensure everything receives the personal touch you deserve.

You can order online if you know when you’ll be visiting, which makes the experience even more convenient. The Spicy Papa is a favorite, with espresso, cayenne, and dark cacao. House flavors include hazelnut, lavender honey, and pumpkin spice.

Cornerstone Cafe
Cornerstone Cafe

4. Cornerstone Café

The food is delivered quickly, and you receive that classic cup of café-style coffee that feels like a touch of home. You can pair your preferred brew with their incredible Vietnamese dishes in the evenings. Live music is available at times.

If you want to linger over your coffee, just ask for one of the outside tables on the sidewalk.

Katz of McCaysville
Photo Credit: Katz of McCaysville

5. Katz of McCaysville

This fun coffee spot is located in an old home just south of the state border. If you’re planning a bit of a road trip from Ellijay through the mountains, it’s an excellent spot for a refresher. Get a bagel with a chai latte or some fresh-made deli sandwiches. Each beverage is exceptional.

6. Franchise Stores and Chain Coffee shops in Ellijay

If you have specific drinks that have become a coffee addition, you can grab them at Starbucks or Dunkins in Ellijay. You can grab something from the standard menu, those favorite treats, and be ready to explore the region with a caffeine fix.

When you stay at the Ellijay River House, we’ll ensure you get that coffee you want to start or continue your day. As you explore, consider stopping at one of these fantastic destinations to relax, enjoy a treat, and take in the local vibe. Book your stay at our North GA Bed and Breakfast today!


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