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The 2023 Georgia Apple Festival - Fun, Food, History, and Culture

Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, Ellijay is the heart of Gilmer County and is fondly known as ‘The Apple Capital’ of Georgia. Living up to its name, the county’s several orchards produce all kinds of apples, from the standard red and golden delicious to the lesser-known varieties.

When the boll weevil attacked and destroyed most of Georgia’s cotton crops in the 1920s, the county’s economy was reinforced by the apple harvests. Since then, a new festival celebrating the apples of Gilmer County, The Georgia Apple Festival, has been held every year in Ellijay since then.

The 52nd Annual Ellijay Apple Festival

This year's 2023 Georgia Apple Festival is right around the corner, and sure to be a grand time, with a small-town vibe. 2023 marks the 52nd year of celebration for this annual fest with hundreds of vendors showcasing handmade crafts, arts, and of course FOOD. Plus live music, parades, an antique car show, and of course, red, ripe, and juicy apples!

Each year in October, for two whole weekends, over 300 vendors and exhibitions are set up presenting new varieties of apples harvested from the best local orchards, some of which are- R&A Orchards, Panorama Farm Market, Mercier Orchards, and Hillcrest Orchards. The festival gives visitors a unique opportunity to try out different apples grown in the county and perhaps discover a new favorite for the season.

Besides the apple stands, the star of the show, some local apple houses put up stalls offering visitors finger-licking snacks and drinks featuring the red fruit, like fried pies, fritters, and cider. Other booths focus on a wide range of items such as candles, homemade hats, woodwork, crafts, food, and glass blowing exhibits. The numerous stalls feature the works of skilled craftsmen and artisans from all over the Southeastern United States.

Georgia Apple Festival Details


The 2023 Georgia Apple Festival weekends will be held on October 14th-15th and then again on October 21st-22nd.


Saturday 9AM - 6PM

Sunday 9AM - 5PM


Ellijay Lions Club Fairgrounds

1729 South Main Street

Ellijay, Georgia 30540


Adult - $10.00 per person

Children 12 and under are FREE

Festival Host

The festival is hosted by the Ellijay Lions Club, the Gilmer County Chamber of Commerce, the cities of Ellijay and East Ellijay, and Gilmer County.

Where to Stay in North Georgia?

Located less than two miles from the festival is the Ellijay River House Bed and Breakfast in North Georgia A perfect way to enjoy the festivities along with the quintessentially charming city of Ellijay. The 1915 Craftsman luxurious home stands next to a captivating riverside setting right in downtown Ellijay.

This charming hotel in Ellijay makes for a great place to stay while enjoying the annual Georgia Apple Festival in Ellijay. People can also explore the heritage apple orchards, hiking trails, lake, and the outdoor lover’s wonderland that is the city of Ellijay.

For more festival information, check out the official Georgia Apple Festival website at


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