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Favorite Easy Hiking Trails in North Georgia Mountains

Ellijay, Georgia is a quaint and charming town perfect for reconnecting with nature.

Surrounded by lush green forests and several accessible hiking trails that take you to

picturesque views, Ellijay is a coveted nature’s gem.

From the mossy and sun-kissed Bear Creek valley to the tumbling cascades of Amicalola Falls, North Georgia offers magical outdoors that are waiting to be explored. Enjoy a relaxing stay at our riverside, luxury Bed and Breakfast in downtown Ellijay and head onto our favorite easy hiking trails to experience nature’s beauty up close.

Carters Lake: Big Acorn Trail

Nestled in a lush green, mossy forest adorned with ferns and pines of all shapes and sizes,

Carters Lake’s sweet-smelling air is all you need to rejuvenate yourself. The best way to explore the lake and the surrounding settings is by hiking on the Big Acorn Trail of Carters Lake. The path starts at the Carters Lake Visitor Center and is a round-trip hike measuring roughly two-thirds of a mile. The trail runs down to the lake presenting an unrestricted view of the clear calm waters. The trail is short, easy, and doubles as a stroll through nature.

Carters Lake: Tumbling Waters Nature Trail

While the Big Acorn Trail focuses on Carters Lake, the Tumbling Waters Nature Trail travels

across a towering bridge that offers views of Carters Lake, a series of dropping waterfalls, and a whole lot of natural beauty. The trail is relatively short and fun, stretching across a mile in a round trip, and is made of gently rolling terrain. The trail opens at the Ridgeway Recreation Area at Carters Lake and dives into a shady forest following a small creek and grassy meadows.

The River Loop on the Cartecay River

The longest easy hike on our list at 3.5 miles is the Cartecay River Loop Trail. Offering picture-perfect sceneries with the Cartecay River and Clear Creek Falls with a flawless natural background. The best way to start your hike is by heading down to the trail early in the morning to get the most out of the area.

The Bear Creek Trail

One of the most popular trails of North Georgia for mountain biking and hiking is Bear Creek

Trail. The forested area is covered by towering old-growth trees that provide comfortable shade down the path, big boulders, densely packed vegetation along the creek valley, and the famous Gennett Poplar - the second-largest living tree in Georgia. The creek trickles through the green forests lying west of Ellijay and forms one of the most beautiful valleys in the state. The landscape is decorated with an abundance of wildflowers, soft green moss, and Georgia’s

natural beauty making Bear Creek Trail both a local and tourist favorite.

Amicalola Falls Trail

The Amicalola Falls Trail runs alongside the 730 feet high falling waterfall. Amicalola Falls is a popular tourist destination that features cascades of white, misty water falling from a towering cliff in Georgia’s Chattahoochee National Forest. The hike is a mile-long journey from the crest of the giant waterfall and descends along the bridges and stairs. The views from the top of the falling water are simply breathtaking with the horizon filled with the park’s natural beauty. The path is a great choice year-round with snowflakes draping the ground or wildflowers framing the magnificent views.

Fort Mountain State Park: The Old Fort Trail

The Old Fort Trail in Fort Mountain State Park is a 1.6-mile trail that features rock walls and

stone towers. The path is aligned with natural and geological wonders like the heart-shaped

stone near the tower. The scenery makes for the perfect backdrop for a family portrait worthy of the fireplace mantle. A bonus of the Old Fort Trail is the Fort Mountain State Park, which is also a great spot for a nice, quiet outdoor picnic.

Fort Mountain State Park: Lake Loop Trail

In the heart of the pine and hardwood forest of Fort Mountain State Park lies the Lake Loop

Trail. This trail surrounds the lake and neighboring forest area and is bordered by the park’s

sandy beach, docks, and campgrounds. The popular Lake Loop Trail runs through shaded

forests, a quiet creek valley, and several breathtaking views of Fort Mountain Lake. The path

stretches over 1.2 miles and is lined with descriptive signs marking the flora and fauna, making for an educational and easy hike. The terrain is mostly flat and short. The hike begins at the park’s lakeside picnic pavilions and follows the blue clear lakeshore.

Come Enjoy These Easy Hiking Trails in North Georgia

North Georgia easy hiking trails

Discover Ellijay, Georgia’s natural beauty, with these favorite North Georgia easy hiking trails while spending your stay at the Ellijay River House Bed and Breakfast. Our North Georgia Bed and Breakfast is located in downtown Ellijay and is within close proximity to all these beautiful hiking trails.


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