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4 Scenic North GA Driving Routes to Take on Your Next Trip the Georgia Mountains

There’s no question that the North Georgia Mountains are some of the best places to go if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway. Indeed, there are a slew of great places to visit in North Georgia. Because of how beautiful the area is, it’s quite easy to overlook how equally stunning the drive is to get from place to place. This is especially true if you opt to take what people consider to be the scenic routes on the way to your destination.

Here is a list of four scenic routes that you’ll want consider during your next trip:

North GA Driving Routes:

Richard Russell Scenic Highway

One of the most popular scenic routes is Highway 348 or the Richard Russell Scenic Highway. This route is only 30 minutes east of Blue Ridge, and you can access this route via Blairsville. What’s great about the Richard Russell Scenic Highway is that it gives you one of the best views of the mountains.

It also gives you access to one of the best spots to look at the mountains. You can stop at the Hogpen Gap at the end of this route so that you can take in the spectacular mountain views.

Highway 129 South

Highway 129 encompasses the Chattahoochee National Forest as well as the North Georgia Mountains. This route gives you a little bit of everything and is perfect if you really want to see as much of the area as you can in one drive. This route is also perfect for hiking enthusiasts as it ends right on the Appalachian Trail.

Highway 5

If you want to see all the wonders of nature that the North Georgia Mountains have to offer, Highway 5 is the way to go. This route will have you cut through the forest, with hardwood trees lining each side of the road.

Now, we use the word “road” sparingly as part of this route will have you drive through unpaved areas. If you want to take in these magnificent views, just be sure to drive carefully and take your time. Traversing these more rugged roads is well worth the effort as it gives you access to both Ocoee River and Lake Conasauga!

Highway 60

If you want something a little more laidback, then Highway 60 is the way to go. It takes you through the countryside of Suches and is a great scenic route to see Chattahoochee National Park. Suches is also commonly referred to as the Valley Above the Clouds. While this may sound like an exaggeration at first, you’ll quickly realize that it’s a title that’s well deserved as the area is located 3,000 feet above sea level. There’s no view quite like it!


Hopefully, this article has helped convince you to take some of these North GA driving routes on your next trip to the Northwest Georgia Mountains region. While some of the options mentioned above might require you to spend a little more time on the road, it will surely be time well spent due to how exceptional the views are!

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