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5 Best Motorcycle Rides in the North Georgia Mountains to Try

Although northern Georgia is beautiful to see at any time of year, the colors burst forth in all their wonder during the spring and fall in Georgia. With dozens of different loops to try, it’s the perfect place to take the motorcycle out for a spin.

Here are some of the best motorcycle rides in North Georgia to explore when a day on the open road is calling.

1. Highway 52

You can take this gorgeous trip from Ellijay to Chatsworth. You can go even further if you want, but this stretch delivers numerous impressive views. The first portion of the highway appeared on maps in 1920, with the final route given a hard surface before 1950.

Cohutta Overlook is a beautiful stopping point about halfway through the ride, allowing you to see the colors of the season with the mountains in the background.

Another stop on the way is the sprawling Fort Mountain State Park. You can spend a day there hiking, exploring the old fort, or enjoying the beach at the lake.

2. Blue Ridge Loop

Starting from Ellijay, take Highway 76 north until you get past Blue Ridge. From there, you’ll turn south on Highway 60 to ride through the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests. You’ll get to enjoy vineyards, rivers, beautiful trees, and plenty of attractions.

Highway 60 runs into Highway 19. Keep heading south to Dahlonega to connect to Highway 52 to return to Ellijay.

You’ll drive through Suches on this motorcycle ride. It’s home to the smallest public school in the state, which is where you’ll find the Indian Summer Festival each October. This weekend event includes square dancing, homemade pies, and handmade quilts.

3. The Georgia Mountain Parkway

When you want to see the high country of the North Georgia mountains, SR 515 is an excellent option for those taking their motorcycles out on an adventure.

You’ll drive south out of Ellijay to explore the options on this parkway. It won’t be long until you reach stops like the Panorama Orchards and Farm Market. It’s a family-run business that has sold fruit to the area since the 1920s, including apples and peaches. If you visit in the fall, you can also pick up some fresh vegetables.

As you keep driving south, you can take some time to enjoy the Talking Rock Nature Preserve. It’s a fairly quiet location with mountain bike trails, hiking options, and picnic tables to have a quick lunch. You’ll want to check out the apiary where the bees are kept!

Keep heading south until you reach the I-575 interchange near Nelson, then return to Ellijay to enjoy a meal at one of our fantastic restaurants!

4. Russell-Brasstown National Scenic Byway

When you want to spend the whole day in the saddle, head east past Highway 19 to explore this beautiful scenic byway. It takes you to the Brasstown Wilderness, over to the High Shoals Creek scenic area, and lets you enjoy all the wonders and waterfalls found on this beautiful loop.

If you get started early, consider hiking the Raven Cliffs trail to explore the wilderness areas near Dodd Creek.

You can also stop in Robertstown or explore Unicoi State Park during this adventure.

5. Ellijay Western Loop

Consider this fantastic motorcycle ride near Ellijay if you want a more casual riding experience. You’ll head south to join Highway 382, leading you around Carters Lake. It’s one of the most scenic lakes in the Blue Ridge Mountains, providing sparkling waters and a rugged shoreline to enjoy.

As you drive west, you’ll run into Highway 136. Keep going, and you’ll cross Reregulation Reservoir before Reaching Old Highway 411. Stop to do some fishing if you want, since there’s plenty of bass in the waters out there. You can cast lines straight from the piers at the day-use areas with the appropriate license.

That’s when you’ll want to head north. You’ll cross the dam, driving on a rural road north until reaching Highway 76, which you’ll take east to return to Ellijay. Plenty of camping, fishing, and boating activities are available at the lake. You can also linger to enjoy the views at the visitor’s center.

The Best Stay While Cruising the Best Motorcycle Rides in North Georgia

The North Georgia Mountains provide beautiful motorcycle rides to explore. Whether you’re coming for the weekend or an extended trip, we’d love to host you at the Ellijay River House! Our North GA bed and breakfast is located right in the heart of the best routes, ensuring that you can treat yourself to a fun and relaxing time.


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